Inheritance based design
Learn how to fully harness the power of our inheritance based design system

One of the most powerful and useful features of our system is the inheritance based workflow. We believe this is unique to our system and sets our solution apart from other page builders and content management systems (CMS)


Every page you create can inherit layout and properties from a parent page.

If you create a website from scratch, you will firstly want to create a master layout which contains the navigation bar, a container in which to insert page content, and a footer. You'll also set up the fonts and colour schemes by editing the root element.

After this you can then you can create layout pages such as for blog posts or products.

And lastly you can create child pages of those blog and product layouts.

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Our system is one of the most flexible solutions around. You can create an unlimited number of layout pages. For example you could give some of your blog posts or product pages a different layout. It also means some parts of your website can have an entirely different layout and colour palette if desired.

Property inheritance 

Properties are the parameters you can change about a block, from colours to text content to padding and margins - literally everything.

All properties can be overridden by child pages. It is one of the most amazing aspects of our system.

This flexibility has endless possibilities such as: the navigation bar having a different behaviour or different background colour on certain pages.

We also use this system to bring advanced multilingual capabilities - any property can be changed for a different locale.

Moving blocks around 

We added one restriction to stop things from getting too complicated. The order of parent blocks can't be changed inside child pages.

However you can re-order blocks in the parent pages at any time, and those moves are updated in the child pages automatically!

Adding a new block will add that block to all children: for example swapping the navigation or footer for a different one.

With great power comes great responsibility 

Remember when we said our solution is possibly the most flexible solution on the market?

That's right! You can even alter the layout of parent pages without breaking any of the children! And alter any property!

However this power comes with some responsibility. If you delete nodes in a parent that are being used by child pages, that content will disappear from the child pages too. But don't worry too much! You can rollback your changes at any time - we keep backups!


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